Office Asset Tracking Solutions for Effective Asset tracking & Monitoring

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For the best office asset tracking and management system, AssetTrackerIoT is the right choice.

We bring extensive asset management experience across a wide array of industries, available out-of-the-box and configured to your exacting requirements.

Asset Tracking

Asset Management Solution for Efficient Office Asset Tracking



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Office asset tracking

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Paper shredders

Electronic devices

Electronic Devices

Computerized asset management software

  • Import or enter data to identify office assets.

  • Define User software privileges and rights.
  • Define Locations (personnel and places that assets can be assigned or located).
  • Establish Status List and manage asset life-cycles.
  • Establish Task List and manage tasks.
  • Complete audit trail history.
Asset management software
Computerized asset management software

Populate Database with Office Asset Data

Import data from existing database(s) and spreadsheets

Physically inventory assets with mobile scanner, tablet or laptop:

  • Reconcile existing data against asset properties and update the database with data printed on asset labels and/or asset barcodes
  • Mark any asset records that require additional adjudication for follow-up data capture
  • Place new sequentially numbered barcode and/or RFID label on each asset and scan tag # to database
  • Input the current asset location to database

Check-In, Check-Out and Asset Assignments

Keeping track of office equipment when they are being checked-out and checked-in for temporary assignments, and long-term asset assignments to people and places:

  • Utilize USB or Bluetooth scanner to scan asset barcode or RFID tags to identify assets being transferred
  • Scan employee ID card, scan Location barcode sheets or select destination from staff and places drop-down list in software to associate an asset with its destination
  • Capture staff signatures to validate transfer-of-custody
  • Passively track asset and personnel RFID tags at storage room doorways for automated check-in/out
rfid tracking systems
rfid asset tracking software

Fixed office asset tracking

Ensure office assets are in the designated locations, used efficiently, and accounted for accurately in financial statements. Perform asset audits using mobile RFID/bar code scanner and scan QR codes to link to asset manufacture web pages as to inspections, calibration or maintenance data.

  • Audit and inventory all assets at all locations with mobile scanner

  • Monitor asset inspections, calibrations and maintenance

  • Mobile scanner has asset tag detection distance of 20’+, and scans all assets simultaneously, for quick accurate asset audits

  • If there are any missing assets resulting from an asset audit, then use the mobile scanner to identify the unaccounted-for assets and utilize the mobile scanner similar to a metal detector to scan office locations to locate unaccounted-or assets

Prevent Unauthorized Removal of Office Assets

  • RFID antennas can be placed at building exits to detect assets as they approach an exit doorway.
  • If a person is approaching the exit with assets that are not authorized for removal, alarms, flashing lights and video cameras are triggered.
  • Automatic software, SMS and email alerts are produced to alert security and management personnel of security breaches.
keeping track of office equipment

Barcode, QR Codes

Barcode or QR code labels can be ordered on rolls or sheets pre-printed with specific serial #’s and descriptions and/or item labels can be printed using AssetTrackerIoT.

  • Labels are available in multiple sizes and made of paper, poly or metal material
  • USB scanners speed computer workflows and reduce errors
  • Phones, mobile scanners and tablets enable efficient and accurate of tracking to storage locations, put-aways, take-aways and inventories


RFID labels can be on rolls or sheets that are pre-printed and encoded with sequential serial #’s and descriptions. Labels can also be printed using AssetTrackerIoT with variable customer data and based on existing asset #’s.

  • Labels are available in multiple sizes and made of paper, poly or metal material
  • Mobile scanners enable rapid inventories and finding missing assets with approximate 20’ detection range
  • Networked RFID antennas can be placed at doorways or choke-points to establish RFID detection zones for real-time tracking

Bluetooth and long Range RFID

Bluetooth (BLE) and Long-Range RFID tags have a standard detection distance up to approximately 1,000’, with ability to scan up to 5+ miles:

  • Tags have battery that enables the tag to transmit its location beacon that is detected real-time by gateways that immediately update AssetTrackerIoT.
  • Tags are available with laser light and audible alert to guide staff right to needed items
  • Gateways can be calibrated for short-range tag scanning for specific doorways or choke-points, and can be calibrated for long-term scanning of large indoor and outdoor areas


AssetTrackerIoT supports GSM/GPS asset tags that enable item tracking off-premises, country-wide and worldwide for logistics and to point-of-delivery:

  • Automatically updates AssetTrackerIoT when an item leaves a room, facility or property (geo-fencing)
  • Real-time tracking of items based on GSM cellular towers and GPS satellites
  • Current item location data automatically updates AssetTrackerIoT and sends alert messages based on business rules “where is the tag and where should it be”

Know the location and status of assets and monitor asset inspections, calibrations and repairs

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    AssetTrackerIoT makes you more efficient, improves internal and external customer service and reduces costs

    End-to-end asset lifecycle management

    Get the most out of your equipment with complete lifecycle management. Manage all aspects of an asset’s life cycle - including usage, maintenance expenses, and depreciation - from a single platform. Ensure that your investment is generating the ROI and growth that you expect.
    office inventory tracking

    Manage assets across multiple locations

    Managing assets across multiple job sites, warehouses, and office locations? View a map of all your locations that have assets, manage inventory count, and create as many sub- locations as you need. Unlimited location-nesting enables efficient tracking of items down to the last cabinet or shelf.

    Actionable reports and alerts

    Use built-in templates or design custom reports for insights into key metrics such as asset utilization and maintenance cost. Generate graphs from these insights and add to your dashboard for instant access to KPIs. Stay on top of important events such as low inventory or warranty expirations with real-time alerts.

    Improve uptime with service management

    Set up calendar-based triggers for inspection tasks or run recurring maintenance. Improve uptime by ensuring routine tasks such as calibration and maintenance schedules are never overlooked. Track service history to control costs and make informed decisions about when to retire assets.

    Customize your workflows

    Leverage your organization's language and processes so teams can easily understand and take actions – tailor your navigation bar, rename modules, and add as many custom fields as your workflows require. Need a faster way to check assets in and out? Design and print your own RFID tags and barcode/QR code labels to automate asset management.

    Manage teams with access control

    Assign standard user roles, or create your own based on what users need to see or the actions you want them to take, such as requiring approval to checkout, reserve, or service an item. You can also limit the visibility of items by location. Unlimited user roles are supported, with fully customizable views and permissions.

    Why TrackingSystemsIoT?

  • We provide customized tracking and security solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.

  • We use the best of breed tracking and security technologies to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information.

  • We have a deep understanding of many industries and applications, so we can help you optimize the use of IoT and tracking technologies for your business.